[WP]Everyone in the theater has fallen unconscious simultaneously, except you. The characters on the screen all look directly at you. The main character speaks, addressing you by name.

Standing in the shower on what has become, a routine Saturday night for me, I get home from my terrible job at the mall, I work out, I shower, I eat dinner, I watch TV, I go to sleep. just as I finished rinsing the shampoo for my hair my cell phone began to ring my ringtone's obnoxious sound echoed through my small empty inner city apartment, I've been meaning to change it for a long time but I just forget by the time the phone call is over. I poke my head out from behind the curtain to see who is calling. Its my younger brother, David. I usually don't answer the phone when he calls because everytime he calls he needs something. I always end up calling him back and give into selfish demands thinking he would do the same for me if I needed him. Aside from that he's really only the only family I have left. our mother ran off when we were little and dad passed away 2 years ago just after David graduated high school. Turn the water off and grabbed my towel to dry my hair and part of my face so I didn't get my phone wet gosh my hair was getting long I thought to myself I should go get it cut tomorrow. Hey D, what's going on I said with my outdated flip phone press the dry half of my face. L! He basically screen that into the phone we only call each other by the first letter of our first names. We've been doing that since we can remember. Where you at and what are you do it he continued I'm at home why what's up I said waiting for his request That little movie theater on 8th street is playing The Big Lebowski and it's free to get in, you should come over. 8th street is on the other side of town from where he lives and he probably just needs a ride home. I really like that movie and my DVD player is broken alright I said half reluctant, what time does it start. 830, oh by the way do you think you could give me a ride home afterward. There it is. I gotta give him credit, D knew how to work the angles. So water back on I finish the shower, got dressed, ate a disappointing TV dinner. Left my dilapidated apartment building and hopped into the cherry red Cadillac that my dad had bestowed upon me when I got my license. I hate driving through the city red light after red light after the red light often made me late for every appointment. Oh god that ringtone again, the stock sound that reminds me of the old Sega games we would play as kids. I answer, yeah D.

Where are you L, it's starting soon. I'll be there in 2 minutes just relax go in and get us some good seats I'll see you in there. Alright bye, he said in a hurry. I drove past the theater. Half of the lights in the marquee are out so I couldn't see it very well so I just parked a block down and walked. The girl in the kiosk was asleep, I didn't bother to wake her. I walk the graffiti covered doors into the lobby area. What a Shithole i thought to myself, it's a miracle this place is still open. Walked up to the concession stand can I get a cherry coke please the teenage girl behind the counter looked annoyed at my request. the Cherry Coke doesn't work she said with an attitude how about regular coke instead. That's fine i replied. She Filled the cup and hand it to me I paid her the 450 and walked into Theater number 2. There were more people here than I expected after a half-hearted search I found D about four rows up in the center the movie had already started I miss about 5 minutes but I had already seen it so it's really no big deal the movie quality was poor but what would you expect in such an outdated cinema this was one of our favorite movies in high school. we shared a room and many nights we would put this movie in to fall asleep to. My favorite part is coming up. A scene that always makes us laugh everytime we watch it. On the screen the dude drops his roach in between his legs while driving burns himself and then wrecks into some trash cans. I laugh almost uncontrollably, but the rest of the theater is silent eerily silent I look to my right and the couple sitting at the end of our row has their heads down I look over at D and he appears unconscious

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