[WP] You get a knock. You open the door to see your nemesis, bruised and beaten, with your child. "Just saved their life. Need to go home and rest." Your nemesis turns to leave. You grab their arm. "Hang on. I want you to tell me what happened." You drag them inside.


You open the door to see your nemesis, bruised and beaten, standing before you with your child in their arms. "I just saved their life," your nemesis says, their voice strained and weary. "I need to go home and rest."

Without waiting for a response, your nemesis turns to leave. But before they can take more than a few steps, you grab their arm and pull them back. "Hang on," you say, looking into their eyes with a mixture of anger and concern. "I want you to tell me what happened."

Your nemesis hesitates, then reluctantly allows you to drag them inside. You sit them down in a chair and pour them a glass of water, then wait for them to speak.

"It was the usual," your nemesis says, taking a sip of water and wincing at the pain in their mouth. "I was out on patrol, looking for trouble, when I stumbled across your kid in the middle of a street gang ambush. I managed to fight them off and get your kid to safety, but I took a few hits in the process."

You nod, trying to process this information. "Why would you do that?" you ask, unable to hide the disbelief in your voice. "Why would you risk your life to save my child?"

Your nemesis looks at you, their eyes hard and unyielding. "Because despite everything, I still believe in justice," they say. "And no child deserves to be caught up in that kind of violence."

You are silent for a moment, then nod. "Thank you," you say, your voice barely above a whisper. "Thank you for saving my child."

Your nemesis nods, then stands and makes their way to the door. "I need to go," they say. "I need to rest and heal. But I hope that one day, we can put aside our differences and work together for the greater good."

With that, your nemesis leaves, leaving you to ponder their words and the strange turn of events that has brought you together in this moment.

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