[WP] One day, you wake up to see that every other human in the world as disappeared. After some time surviving alone, you wake up to see that they have all returned and all behave as if nothing happened.

I awoke in the morning groggy and hating life. The air is cold. My bed is comfy. Why do I even need to go to work if I'm going to die in the end anyway?

Because you need to get up to live now. Oh, right, right.

I use all the bit of morning strength I have to hoist myself into sitting position. Oh, god that was too hard. Well, fuck my life. Let's get this over with.

I get out of bed and start the same routine as always. Get in the shower. Crap, it's too cold. Turn it. Ow ow ow!. Too hot too hot! Turn. Why are you still hot?! Turn more. Fuck it, hot it is. I shower. Dry off. Brush my teeth. Do all the rest of this boring crap. Done. Let's go.

I exit my home and head to the bus stop. Wish I could afford a car, but there's just not enough income for me. yet. Someday, I'll get my opportunity. Then, I can get out of this place.

I sit down at the bus stop. Late again. Of course. Well, nothing I can do right now. So I wait...and wait...and wait. Why is there no traffic? This is the city. I look around. Nothing. No cars. No people walking. And definitely no bus.

Figuring there must be some event going on that I don't know about(I don't get out much), I call my manager. No answer. Call the store. No answer. So I put away my phone and decide to do the only logical thing possible in this situation.

"Hello?" I yelled aloud. No answer. Well, in that case, I must be the only one left then. When you call out hello to the public and no answers, you know they all must be dead. It's obvious.

With this great news of no work, I skip home. Just before I reach my home, I make sure to chuck a rock through my neighbors house. That was guy was a dick.

So I waltz into my house finally. I have the world. I can do whatever I want...What should I do? Sleep. I yawn. Yep, definitely sleep. So I nap. I awaken a few hours later. Alright, I think it's time for that day long video game session.

I log onto my computer and open up Battlefield. I do a quick match and get set up on a server. Waiting for 3 more players. Crap, there's no one on this server. I exit then try again. Waiting for 3 more players. Man, why is nobody online to... Right. They're all dead. I forgot about that.

I scroll through my library of games. Damn, I have a lot of online multiplayer games. I need some real life friends. That should be something I should work on in this new world. Get some real...Right..again. Nobody left. Wait....is...is this the apocalypse?

Quick! I need to do research. I open up the "Movies" folder on my computer. I drag every movie that seems helpful into VLC. 28 Days Later, Zombieland, I am Legend, Terminator, Planet of the Apes. I don't know what actually happened, so I better be prepared for anything.

This is my day. Movie after movie. Taking notes. Coming up with survival strategies. I think that I can make it. Movies may be fiction, but their points aren't. I am prepared.

What time is it? Oh, shit. It's late. Bed time. Oh, yea, back to bed. My favorite place for whenever I'm tired. So comfy and warm. Ahh....night.

Wait. Should I go grab supplies, food, and money now? I mean the sooner I get that and build myself something safe, the better, right? I mean that does make sense, but it is night time, and monsters have a natural tendency to come out in the dark. It'll probably be safer in the morning. I mean it's not like all the people are gonna come back tomorrow, right? ...right.

I fall asleep.

The next morning, I awaken with a flutter in my heart. Am I happy? In the morning? So this is what being a morning person is like? Oh, cool.

I put on some clothes. Hey, I may be the last one left on Earth, but it still feels weird to free-ball it to the store. I open the door.

A figure passes by the door. I quickly slam it shut. What was that? I run to the blinds. It's...It's a person. And over there. It's another person. What the? I close the blinds and rub my eyes. No. The people are gone. You're just wishing they were there. Grief and all that jazz.

I look back through the blinds. It's people all right. HONK. And that's back, too. Why are they back? Why are they so normal? But why are they back? This can't be real. I run into my bedroom and tuck in my bed. I lay there. Staring up. Thinking, maybe they'll be gone tomorrow again. I mean this wouldn't just be a one time thing, right?

So, I wait. Eventually, I somehow fall asleep. Probably by natural causes.

Morning. My eyes shoot open. I leap from my bed and run to the blinds. Ok, please don't be there. Please don't be there. Open. Fuck, they're there.

My phone rings.

"Hello?" I ask. "Hey, where are you? Your shift started 5 minutes ago." the voice spoke, "What? No. I'm waiting." I said. "For what?" he said. "For the world to change" "Aren't we all. But I still need you here at work." "That won't be necessary. I don't need to come in to work. The world disappear again and I'll be rich and ready." "Really?" "Yes" "Fine. You don't have to come in to work today. Or ever. You're fired." He hangs up.

That's fine. I'll get it back. I'll show him. I wait in my bed for the next day.

I open my eyes, run to the blinds, people. Run back. Wait. Sleep. Days pass like this. I don't go anywhere. I don't want to be near those...those people. I survive off the cockroaches that stumble by as I lay mostly frozen in my bed.

One day, my door gets busted in. I leap out of my bed to see who entered my home. It's a man in a suit and what looks like a police office next to him.

"I'm sorry, but we gave you the foreclosure notice a moth ago. We have to escort you out," he spoke.

"No! I'm gonna be rich, bitch." I scream.

The officer cuffs me. I'm too weak to fight it. "You'll all see. You'll all disappear. Each and every one of ya." They take me away.

I spend my times in the looney bin now. It's not bad. I get sorta food, which is at least better than the roaches. I have a comfy floor and comfy walls. I'm always wrapped up in this blanket. So comforting.

And they allow me to speak freely. I tell them everyday what happened. I tell them everyday that it will happen again. Oh it will. I mean you don't only get one opportunity in life, right?


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