[WP]Serial killer has been monitoring his next victim's movements for months. She is a loner and the perfect target. One day she disappears and nobody notices but him.

She was gone.

People don’t simply disappear into the pale blueness of the world without a trace, without a fingerprint or the loss of a bobby pin. However, she managed to. She always managed to surprise me, prolonging the time that I assumed she had left as she pushed her hair up into a ponytail and groaned as her hair tie broke. I was always sure about who I chose and I knew why it was her. She was convenient, no one would notice her being gone. However, it was never just that. It was her quiet, her appreciation of nothing in particular and the way her silent eyes didn’t ever wander too much, they already looked dead.

I had looked for her, frantically. There were no flashes of her hair as she walked quickly towards a door, I hadn’t missed anything. And no one noticed. No one noticed that Anna was gone and no one really should have, she didn’t talk to many people and her job was one that required her to be in the back of a room under the main offices..

There weren’t any signs that she knew I was coming for her, that her time was coming. I hadn’t yet planned how it was meant to happen, but I knew that it was approaching. Whether it was her being hit by a car and smeared off the surface of this realm or maybe I could have pushed another to do it? Maybe caused a chain reaction? She was too special, I wanted something special for her. Her life, like most, had been quiet and simple and grey, but this wasn’t something I had ever encountered.

She was simply gone. Without a trace of her.

I’ve ended the existence of many lives, I know. It’s funny, I’ve never thought of myself to be a serial killer. It’s such a childish term. I understand how it works, how to remain unseen, how to keep track of who is where. How to spread myself high up and see everyone, feel everyone, know who’s time it is and who’s time it isn’t… to know when to end who and how to end them. But Anna… she wasn’t meant to just disappear. She didn’t die. She’s not dead, but she isn’t anywhere in particular.

It’s impossible to outsmart me, to run from me. It’s impossible to outsmart death.

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