[WP] As a time traveler with the temporal security agency, you've just come to the horrible realization that your great great great grand-father is you. File your report to your supervisor about this development.

Report 324: Potential Paradox Location: San Clemente, California, USA Date: March 12, 1998 Agent- Bartholomew U. Truscott

After tracing my lineage back roughly five or six generations to the late 1990s, I’ve found something very disturbing. Section 9832 requires all agents to maintain awareness of their personal heritage and timelines. I seem to have stumbled upon a future version of myself. I will need to verify. It could just be an ancestor with a stark resemblance. Though it’s odd that everyone calls him Bart. Perhaps this is where I got my name?

Report 325: Observation Location: Dana Point, California, USA Date: June 23, 1999 Agent- Bartholomew U. Truscott

I did a series of micro time-jumps to keep tabs on my ancestor. He doesn’t seem to be using time-jump technology, but his idiosyncrasies are eerily familiar to mine. He’s been courting a beautiful you gal by the name of Minnie. Perhaps, this is my retirement? I would be happy enough if it was.

Report 326: Lineage Fraction Location: San Clemente, California, USA Date: February 9, 2001 Agent- Bartholomew U. Truscott

Minnie had a child. Lineage seemed to be intact since I recognized the child’s name. But there was a gas leak in the building. The hospital blew up. Police suspect foul play. My ancestor is dead. How do I still exist? No sign of my other ancestor, Bart. Going to time-jump and search for him, find out when he left.

Report 327: PARADOX! Location: San Clemente, California, USA Date: July 4, 2000 Agent- Bartholomew U. Truscott

I saw my ancestor time-jump! It’s not my ancestor; it’s my future self. Going to follow through the time-vortex and find out what’s going on.

Report 328: Enigma Location: New York, New York, USA Date: January 8, 1932 Agent- Bartholomew U. Truscott

Bart may be on to me, or perhaps he’s just very careful. He consecutively time-jumped to various times and places spanning over three thousand years. He’s having lunch in a little hole-in-the-wall restaurant in Brooklyn, but I can’t imagine this is his last stop. He’s talking with someone. There speaking Venusian. I’ll have to translate later. I don’t want to get to close.

Update: I translated the bits of recording I got. They’re talking about paradoxes and immortality. I can’t make out much more.

Report 329: Contact Location: Juno Colony, Sector 8, Mars Date: Vrishika 18, 104 AMC Agent- Bartholomew U. Truscott

Bart found me. He got the jump on me. He took my time-jumper. I asked him what he is doing. He asked what I would risk for immortality. I said I didn’t know. He wouldn’t say what he’s been working on or what he’s looking for. Hopefully this gets back to HQ.

Report 329: Contact Location: Juno Colony, Sector 8, Mars Date: Sagittarius 25, 105 AMC Agent- Bartholomew U. Truscott

I’ve been locked in a cell in Juno Colony for over a month. Bart let me keep my recorder, but there is no way for me to transmit out the data without my time-jumper. Hopefully, someone comes looking. Bart has explained to me that we are a paradox. We are our own grandfather’s so to speak, albeit many generations back. We shouldn’t exist, but we do. He thought destroying his timeline would make us fully immortal. He says when I’m older I will understand. He says he’s over 300 years old, but he’s still aging slowly. How did I get so crazy? What happens to me to make me lose my mind?

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