[WP]When you died your body was frozen down. You now wake up to find out your brain is used as an AI in a computer game. This is your encounter with the player.

"Hello I'd like to trade these sticks for your sword"

"Um... what?"

I looked down at my toes. My... boots? My leather boots?

"What the hell?"

What the hell?

"God damnit this game is so glitchy. I want the sword you stupid NPC"

My hospital gown was gone, and I was dressed in some ornate, medieval garb. Some raiment of an alternate past. It took my eyes a few moments to grasp this truth; I'm dressed and I'm alive.

"This fucking expansion should be in early access beta this shit is so stupid"

The man wandered off rambling to a tribe of men of many heights and builds. I stood, dumbfounded and confused. Where... was I?

"Where am I?"

"This NPC is so retarded hahaha"

The buffoonish canker sore of a man trudged off with his companions up a dirt road. Their feet imprinted the mud, but they moved effortlessly up the incline without a slip or stumble.

I reached to my heart with my hand. No sign of scarring. I guess this is some perverse lucid dream in anesthesia. Well in that case...

"Hey asshole!"

The asshole and his asshat accessories turned around to face me.

"Fuck you!"

I tried to spit on his face, but instead my mouth made a kissing motion and I thrust my hips seductively.

We looked at each other with vapid embarrassment.

"What the fuck was that... did you get that on stream? These NPCs are all faggoty and shit"

I'd never met anyone in real life who spoke in such a bigoted manner with no repercussions. Homophobia and stereotypical remarks coming from a forty year old warlord? Is this America?

Running my hands along my tunic, I slowly backed away from the scene. The group of ape-men followed me relentlessly, until I took off in a sprint. An hour ago, I was on an operating table losing conciousness. My heart could barely beat. I could surely feel my heart beating, now. This is not a dream. Something's incredibly, terribly amiss... maybe I died. Maybe I'm in hell...

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