[WP] Write a reverse Breakfast Club. Five friends spend a day together in detention and leave hating each other.

He walked in looking absolutely perfect. His jaw defined so flawlessly, like a Greek sculptor cut it by hand in a 3 hour period, eyes a neutral, yet beautiful brown, and of course who could forget his cute little nose. I wanted him, not in a sexual way, but in a "I get to call this piece of ass mine bitches!" way. Sandy and I looked over at him. I discussed his perfectness.

"Dude, he's so like, ugh, like you know what I mean?" I asked Sandy while fawning over the way he took a seat.

"Yeah, whatever, I really don't care." Sandy responded in her normal, monotone grumble.

Todd walked over to me, he stared blankly at the wall while doing it. He looked at me and asked me something pertaining to his grades. I don't really remember, I was too busy staring at Mr. Perfect. Todd then pinched me, for whatever reason.

"Todd! What the fuck man?" I yelled rather loudly.

"Oh, I thought you died." He responded quickly.

"Why would I be dead?" I asked in a mean tone.

"You were staring at that guy over the-" He pointed at my dream guy and I quickly smacked him.

"Dude, don't rat me out. I'm like in love with him!" I whispered to Todd.

"Oh, sorry." Todd quickly backed off as I remained blushing.

Then came in Mr. Trouble. He stood in the doorway with his shoulders perched up against the side. He spit some chew on the floor and slowly walked in. His steps were menacing as they sounded like bricks pounding on the floor. He sat next to my dream man. And they immediately started to laugh. He beckoned me over and I was going to refuse until Todd bumped me toward that direction.

"Hey Lizz, you got a match or cigarette lighter?" Hector asked in his "suave" voice.

"Nah, you can ask Sandy though." I said innocently, trying to hide my face from Mr. Perfect sitting next to him.

"Yeah." Hector looked at me funny and walked toward Sandy, leaving me with him.

A slight silence made time stand still until Derrick finally asked, "So, uh, can you help me with something?"

I almost immediately yelped, "Yes!"

"Yeah... Okay... Um, so I was thinking about asking Sandy out to the Homecoming dance and I have no idea how to approach it." He said pointing toward Sandy.

I stood there as my heart sank, how? How can this happen? Sandy... and...Derrick? I almost fell over with how much grief was in my heart. I nervously said, "I don't know how she does it so..."

He walked over to her and I sat in my own emotional pain. Todd walked over with Hector. They were laughing at some weird joke when I snapped, "JUST SHUT THE FUCK UP!" Everyone in the library stared at me. Hector looking especially distraught just straight up hugged me. I pushed him off and he looked sad. Todd just kind of melted off into the corner, which left me with Derrick and Sandy. Sandy was blushing as Derrick was busting out his suaveness on her. I ran to the corner of the library crying.

An hour later I spotted Derrick and Sandy getting touchy. I promptly marched over and said something about Sandy and being lesbian. It was in the heat of the moment so I don't remember anything. She also slapped me and Derrick just wallowed in discomfort and sadness. We all sat awkwardly in the library for 2 hours. Hector walked over to me and sat down. He sighed and just said, "Life's going to suck Lizz, and that's how it is."

I blankly stared at him for a bit. He looked serious. I promptly said, "Just shut up Hector, you have no idea what it feels like to be this stupid."

He was shocked and just walked away. I cried some more, it felt like shit. At least I still have Todd I guess.

The final hour passed and we all emerged out of the library. Nothing but messy makeup, angry faces, and bad vibes surrounded our group. It was raining outside, which felt fitting to the mood. I guess Hector told Todd how much of a bitch I was. Because I was/still am really. I tried texting everyone the next morning, no responses anywhere. I sat still in my bed and just cried. Nothing was worse than that day. The rest of the school year was rough, and I just wished I wasn't so bitter about it all. I should have accepted it. But instead all I'm left with is a constant cloud of regret and sadness.

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