Wtf Reddit

Not gonna lie, the desire to have a conversation with you has quickly died due to your complete inability to respond in good faith. You know that "You" doesn't refer to your person, but the group, and you know that allowing voices doesn't mean all voices get to use this product to speak. It means that corporations were given a voice and are now allowed to use them for political speech and motivated profiteering.

Try actually coming at your opponent with the idea that they are an intentelligent and good natured person and then argue from that stand point. Literally every, single, one of your comments uses from Informal Fallacy to sell a narrative when the simple truth is that there are currently 4-5 articles on major left leaning sites pointing out the violent comments in question from TD from just yesterday, and that they've been reprimanded repeatedly by the admins in the last several months for the exact same things.

The conspiracy here is not that they are Conservative, but that Conservative seems to attract a violent xenophobic crowd who can't seem to play by the overriding rule of "Don't fuck with our profit stream".

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