The WWE Draft Should Be Brought Back

I really wish people would stop with this. I honestly think people who want the brand split back began watching during that era, because it only made sense during that time span.

First off, why? Why would it make sense for one company to divide itself? Especially if it's not going to be an entirely different product.

I have to talk to you as if you don't know the history, because the history is the only reason why it ever made sense. When WWE bought out its two top competitors it had a massive increase in roster size, and still had people coming in after the Turner contracts ended. So what you had was a lot of star power, more than what could be showcased on one show.

The WWE currently has THE EXACT FUCKING OPPOSITE OF THAT RIGHT NOW. The roster is lacking in depth and is going into Wrestlemania with probably the most injury plagued roster they've ever had going into Mania. 4 of the last 7 WWE title holders are out on injury, and you want to split the roster. That's stupid.

WWE also does not have a problem of not having enough time to showcase talent. They have 5 hours of weekly primetime tv on USA. If they wanted to get you on the show, they could easily. Splitting the roster so that they can showcase more of the lower card, ISN'T a good thing. All it's going to do is force them to add low quality filler. The WWE isn't struggling on opportunities to push people, they just aren't pushing people.

Say what you want about the last few years since the brand split, but one thing that has improved is the legitimacy of the World Title. Instead of having a midcard filler World Heavyweight champion, every reign since the titles were unified has meant something. More importantly, the title wins have meant more. Bryan and Roman's title wins felt like big accomplishments, Brock looked completely dominate as champion, and Rollins' title win really did feel like a heist. Even Sheamus' win felt like he took something major from Roman.

There were way too many meaningless title reigns during the brand split.

So no, don't do a brand split, it's stupid.

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