‘Star Wars’ Spinoff Will Feature Both Han Solo and Boba Fett

Heir to the Empire, at least, is perfectly adaptable. You'd have to move the timeline from five years after Endor to 25-30, but that makes sense, you could just say the Rebellion took that long to put the Empire in a corner.

  1. Thrawn raids Obroa-skai for information (also introduces Pellaeon and the Noghri). Perfect opportunity to introduce the movie with a Star Destroyer flying overhead, just like Episode IV.
  2. Han tries to recruit smugglers to haul cargo for the New Republic, doesn't succeed
  3. Thrawn visits Karrde's base on Myrkr to collect ysalamiri
  4. Luke, on Coruscant, begins looking for leads that might indicate other Jedi living in the galaxy that survived the Empire. Han returns to Coruscant from his trip; he and Leia are promptly assigned to another diplomatic mission to Bimmisaari (or wherever, really)
  5. Thrawn arrives at Wayland, meets C'baoth, agrees to send Noghri after Leia
  6. Noghri attack Han and Leia on their mission
  7. Luke, figuring Lando might have heard of some Jedi leads through his ongoing underworld ties, comes to Nkllon to ask for advice. Han comes as well, to identify the Noghri's species and ask for more smuggler leads.
  8. The Empire attacks Nkllon. Thrawn is personally present for this, and he identifies Luke and Han. Battle scene; Empire wins, mole miners get stolen.
  9. Leaving Nkllon, Luke is captured by an Imperial interdictor, escapes but ruins his vessel, and is picked up by the Wild Karrde. Introduction of Mara Jade.
  10. Han talks to Lando, gets a lead on Talon Karrde's base (Lando can't identify Noghri, though)
  11. Karrde hides Luke on Myrkr, Luke begins plotting to escape. The revelation that ysalamiri push back the Force and all of Myrkr is in a Force blind-spot would be somewhere in here.
  12. Leia comes to Kashyyyk to hide from the Noghri
  13. Han, with Lando in tow, arrives at Myrkr to contact Karrde. Shortly after they arrive, Luke manages his escape, and Mara Jade follows.
  14. Thrawn arrives at Myrkr to pick up more ysalamiri; reveals to Karrde that Luke and Mara's craft both crashed, takes the liberty of sending stormtroopers into the forest and stationing some at the nearest city.
  15. Leia is starting to get frustrated, hiding incommunicado on Kashyyyk while the Republic is fraying at the edges (maybe at this point there's some exposition revealing the Republic's being forced to use warships with skeleton crews to haul cargo); Noghri attack begins, Wookiees fight them off and capture Khabarakh
  16. Han and Lando find out about the prisoner (perhaps sneaking through Karrde's base having to avoid stormtroopers as they investigate), realize it must have been Luke, confront Karrde about it.
  17. Luke and Mara make their way through the forest, with some bonding, and manage to contact Karrde.
  18. Thrawn tests the cloaking device found in Mount Tantiss.
  19. Leia interrogates Khabarakh, finds out her 'Lady Vader' identity and its importance, makes the deal with Khabarakh to go to his home planet.
  20. Luke and Mara emerge from the forest, while Han, Lando, and Karrde ambush the stormtroopers. Battle ensues.
  21. Han, Lando, and Luke leave Myrkr, contact Leia and arrange for all of them to meet up at Sluis Van, a large nearby Republic facility.
  22. After they arrive, Thrawn's attack on Sluis Van begins. Big climactic battle scene. Ultimately the battle turns against the Empire and they withdraw; perhaps Thrawn hints that the setback doesn't matter, since not only has the Republic lost those ships too, they have a lead on another source...

I'm obviously no screenwriter, but Timothy Zahn is a pretty damn good writer and I think the book lends itself well to a movie adaptation. Good bookends regarding Thrawn, ground and space battles, all that stuff. There'd be some problems to get around (for instance, Han and Leia are too old to be having their first kids in this trilogy; is it worth including the Delta Source subplot or the Ackbar-Fey'lya thing; should the Katana fleet plot be trimmed or remain the focus of much of the second installment; etc)

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