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While I have already spent some time recently on researching the MMR Vaccine the other day and agree that people should vaccinate - I see a lot of blanket statements about vaccinating and that everyone should do it all the time no matter what.

I see comments like "We should execute people who don't vaccinate to save the rest of us" and talk about their kids being at risk for example or in some measure displaying a lot of fear, for better or worse.

The only good points I can find from anti-vaccination people are the ones centered on oversight concerning the NVPO (http://www.hhs.gov/nvpo/), even the famous Nature article comments on the issue as lacking: http://www.nature.com/nrmicro/journal/v8/n8/full/nrmicro2417.html

Public trust in vaccine safety is paramount to public trust in public health policies. It has long been the position of NVIC that existing federal health agencies congressionally funded and charged with the responsibility for (1) conducting scientific research into the development of new vaccines; and (2) creating and implementing legally binding vaccine licensing and testing regulations for pharmaceutical companies producing and marketing vaccines; and (3) making national recommendations for vaccine administration and use; and (4) promoting universal and mandatory use of government recommended vaccines and (5) serving as the legal respondent in plaintiff’s petitions for federal vaccine injury compensation, should not also be responsible for vaccine safety oversight.

Discussion of these issues is met with hostility, which is sad. I want vaccines as bad as you do, but don't you want to make sure they are clean and safe - also doesn't it concern you that there have been issues in the past involving contamination due to negligence and cost-cutting business behavior? I'm not trying to deny you your vaccine, I'm just trying to increase the awareness of that issue in the hopes that there is some positive change.

My point is, it's difficult when you're in support of something, but the other people there with you are resorting to insults, fear tactics and violent comments. It doesn't feel right. If you're trying to help people, you should act like it by being compassionate. When you are worried about someone's health or that their decision-making is negatively affecting others you have to be patient and try to understand where their misconceptions or assumptions are coming from. Once you do, you respond with facts.

One question I have - which I haven't been able to look into at all yet is the claim that the only reason it looks like Lane County vaccinates the least is because of the way we report it. Supposedly everywhere else they just have a Checkbox: "Are you vaccinated?" and people just check it, whether they're being honest or not. Also, here in Lane County there is supposedly a "4 page form" which is voluntary and people don't want to take the time to fill out - therefore our numbers are artificially low... What's the truth?

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