Your Ex is on Reddit, and you know will read this, what do you want to say to them?

To my first ex: I am incredibly sorry for the way I broke up with you. You never deserved to have me as your girlfriend, as you truly deserved someone who loved you, and I wasn't able to love anyone back then. I still love you as a friend, and I am very happy to know that now you realized your biggest dream and have someone who deeply loves you by your side.

To my second ex: I truly loved you, as I had never loved before. I hate you for having dumped me when you still had feelings for me, just because you were scared. I never regret though my decision of not getting back with you, as I still considered you my best friend as I've done for 6 years, yet when I needed you the most you turned your back onto me. I can't forgive you for that. When I saw you again the other week randomly in the club it was nice, but I realized even more how little you mean to me now. And I don't understand why you still made your best to try and make me jealous like that.. there is no point. It is over forever.

To my third ex: I have read what you wrote about me. It just makes me understand even more how fucked up you are. The crazy one here is not me, but you. Thank god I realized well in time and walked away. I am afraid I would not be here if I did not walk away in time. When I read what you wrote, it was like reading about someone else. That is when I understood even more how fucked up you are, how little sympathy you have towards other people. You never understood that that girl you are talking about is not me, is just the crazy, horrible version of me that you created when we were together. You made me like that, you made me become such a crazy girl. Thank god I came to my senses, and I am finally, slowly trying to find myself again, to understand that I deserve much better, that I don't deserve all that anger, hatred and violence, and that I am a smart and nice girl. Not as you pictured me to be. I accept your apologies, but I cannot forgive you. You made me scared of men. I truly believe that you are sorry though, and no, I don't even hate you like you hate me. I can't hate. I am just incredibly sorry for you and for the next girl you will happen to date. I truly hope you will change, but reading what I read, I think it is still a long way to go before you find your sanity.

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