That's not what I'm trying to say though.

Take for example a man who is employed as a shoe maker. The means of producing shoes are controlled by his employer, the capitalist. The capitalist cannot create shoes, but he has money, so he can buy the materials and pay someone else to make the shoes.

The shoemaker gets paid $10/hr, and can make one pair of shoes per hour. A pair of shoes sells for $40 though, so how can the $10/hr be considered full value?

Well, the obvious counterargument is that the capitalist has provided the materials for producing the shoes, so he should receive compensation for that. That's perfectly fair to say as well.

So, if a pair of shoes requires $5 of materials to make, the shoemaker should actually be getting paid $35/hr, right? Any capitalist would say I am foolish and dead wrong. They would argue that, since the aforementioned capitalist owns the means of producing shoes, they should receive a percentage of the profit.

And if you're a capitalist, that doesn't sound ridiculous. They own the machines, they own the land, of course they deserve a cut of the profit!

This is where anarchism and capitalism become incompatible.

Who's to say they "own" anything? Why should the shoemaker not be able to come and go freely and use the equipment to produce shoes for himself as he likes? Private property, that's why. The capitalist called dibs, now you are forever indebted to him. He has convinced you into thinking that because he was there first, that he has the right to govern the land for strictly his own purposes. The smart capitalist tricks everyone into believing this is not only true, but it's fair.

So why then, can't the shoemaker just say "fuck you capitalist scum!" and go and make his own damn shoes? Well unfortunately our lowly shoemaker was born late into the development of society, and all the land and means of production are already owned by capitalists. This is what we call wage slavery. Since he can go nowhere and produce shoes freely, he must get a "job" making the shoes for someone else. Where he gets paid the lowest possible wage, and not the full value of each shoe.

Anarchism and modern capitalism are mutually exclusive. If you call yourself an anarcho-capitalist, either you're not really an anarchist, or you're not really a capitalist.

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