You're tired from the human race, so you decide to help an advanced alien civilization destroy the Earth, what tips would you give them?

I don't hold enmity to any non Muslim today. But Japan went through the Meiji restoration, Prussia went through it's restoration, the Qing went through their consolidation.

What makes you think the Maratha's wouldn't have developed trains? It was only Muslims that were against technology, during the Maratha reign the Sikh Empire specifically hired French and Roman generals, and even had a Jewish military strategist to rapidly develop. The Maratha's rapidly created a navy stronger then Qing based of European and Chinese designs and, were ready to send envoy's to every non Muslim empire across the world to create the worlds first united nations (against Islam).

Regardless not that I care now I'm rich from working on a pioneering business but I'm wondering where your idea of economics and technology development comes from? Are you a pHD holder? Book writer? IEEE board member? Chief Economics officer? or are you basing off Moore's law or some other economic theorm I'm not aware of?

One thing I agree with you. Indian's were not exploited, Muslims were paid to fight non Muslims and with infighting happening British defeated the weak Empires, the same way Muslims have been weakening India for nearly 600 years.

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