Do yourself a favor and play The Order.

Played it knowing a lot of the complaints... though, short games never really bothered me if they're satisfying. However, The Order was simply frustrating all the way around.

I'm all for cinematic games... but this game teased me with gameplay. It would give me control long enough to walk down a corridor and then pull me out again.

Maybe if there were relevant and interesting things to look at in these corridors I wouldn't have had such a problem with it. But giving not real incentive to do any real exploration, I found I was just going in and out of gameplay far too often. I would have just preferred to keep watching a cutscene. They somehow made giving me control feel less immersive than if they just stuck with it being a cutscene.

Additionally, the majority of combat encounters are incredibly short. Again, not really allowing much time to really immersive oneself in it. Also, it was needlessly restrictive... with rolling only working when a grenade is near by. Or the lack of a duck button... and a finicky cover system. (Granted, the couple of instances you get the Thermite Rifle are kinda cool)

The story was meh - though the universe was great.

Quick Time Events felt arbitrary. The button presses were simply not tied to interesting actions. Instead of feeling like I'm pressing 'X' to punch a dude.. I felt like I was randomly prompted to press 'X' to keep the cinematic going. The only time it was consistent was during struggles when you were prompted to press 'X' repeatedly.

Lycan encounters are a joke.

The vampire tease was just... strange world building nonsense.

The Order basically did for me what Assassin's Creed 1 did... Convinced me that their tech demo was impressive technology, but ultimately not a full experience - but one that could lead to a good sequel. We shall see. As it stands, I would avoid The Order until a sequel is released and proves to be worthwhile.

But to each their own, OP. I was simply not impressed by much beyond the visuals.

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