YouTube to relaunch livestreaming service with focus on esports and gaming

Google with a devil's tone: 

"Twitch, I know you're in there somewhere, come here Talk to me, sit, here, pull up a chair Why don't you cut your hair? Dye it back, come on, try it"  

twitch: "Ahh, no! I told you leave me the fuck alone, will you?  

Google with a devil's tone "But I'm here to rebuild you"  

twitch: "But I already killed you!"  

Google with a devil's tone:

"But Twitch, we were meant for each other, think about your brother"  

twitch:"Yeah, so what of you?"

Google:"You think about what Android did to you and your little brother All them ads and spy technology"  

twitch: "Fuck you mothafucka! I had you beat!"  

Google with a devil's tone: "No, I was playin possum, remember? I let you watch your soon to be dead gamer's live stream plossom I gave you enough time, your soul's mine I'm takin it back"  

twitch: "You fuckin bitch, why?! "Because I love you, look a little closer Isn't that us on that poster? FUCK THIS MIRROR SHARDS BREAKING  

Google with a devil's tone:

"I'm not in the mirror, I'm inside you, let me guide you"  

twitch: Fuck you, die you son of a bitch

Google with a devil's tone:

"Put the gun down"  

twitch: Bye-bye! BOOM BOOM BOOM Okay, I'm still alive  

google: "So am I too! You can't kill a spirit even if you tried to Ha ha, you sold your soul to me, need I remind you? You remember that night you prayed for spyware, advertisements, you said you'd give anything to get a multi million site? The internet(google) signed you This is what you wanted your whole life Twitchl, right? Ooh Look at this house, look at these cars, they're so nice, woo! Oh, but you didn't know fame has a price too? That you just now seeing the downside too Lose your former best friend, justintv? Ain't even sure if your your twitch followers will like you? But together we can break the cycle, twitch" What?! "No one's gonna love you like I do"

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