AITA for asking my wife to shower once in a while?

Jsyk, you likely don’t have to wash your hair daily. When we use basic (pH-wise) products on our skin, including our scalps, it strips the oil and leaves the surface mildly basic or neutral. Our skin is naturally mildly acidic, if one doesn’t balance it back out before letting it dry and moisturizing (lotion for the skin, conditioner for the scalp), the skin will overproduce oil to compensate which turns into a cycle of washing and overproducing.

With skin, that’s what makes applying hyaluronic acid-containing products after washing and before moisturizing effective at oil control, it gets our skin back to its natural acidity after using basic products. For hair, that’s why going a week without washing it in the shower works; it gets the scalp back to its baseline and then you can resume washing more infrequently (going a week isn’t very doable but gradually cutting back works as well, just takes longer).

I have very fine, naturally minimally-wavy hair. Used to wash daily, used to struggle a lot with oil. I condition the ends of my hair every day now, wash my scalp about twice a week, no more oil problem.

Source: my own oil problem, also a beauty school dropout where they covered skin/scalpcare early (not actually a dropout, my school shut down bc of covid and lack of teachers lol). For anyone reading: always research ur products and do what’s best for your skin/hair c:

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