Zero Fucks Friday: 10-27-17 // 27-10-17 edition

inhales here we go..

The whole Adam Blampied thing is very weird for the fact I see both sides as equally right and wrong. He's an asshole for cheating on his girlfriend and that isn't something I can defend, but the girl who outed him chose to send him nudes willingly and then later regretted it. If two adults sexting and exchanging nudes can now be called "predatory" behavior then we're open a can of worms we'll never close.

I haven't seen any other girls comment on their experiences with him and if he did "manipulate them" then I'll never defend that either, he's an arsehole. But we seem way too eager to get the pitchforks out in this current climate. As I said, I'm not trying to defend his actions but calling him another Harvey Weinstein is so fucking stupid.

I hope he's sincere in getting help, I doubt he is but alas I like to see and hope for the best in people. I don't think he should lose his job or be cast away as a pariah, I just sincerely hope he learns from his shitty behavior and comes back a better, more mature man.

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