136 words Accepting that we don’t have to strive for normal 271 words Most effective form of therapy for CPTSD? 173 words Didn't have friends my own age growing up, wasn't a part of any group 284 words A victim of COCSA, do I have a right to feel traumatized? 298 words cPTSD is making it really difficult to socialize and almost impossible to form relationships with people. 371 words My spouse divorced me because I wasn’t ‘a whole person’ (CPTSD) and I keep getting triggered 172 words Trigger Warning: Intimate Partner Violence. Feeling pretty tormented with my dysregulated behaviour when I acted out 7 months ago. Has anyone been through something similar? 131 words This is something everyone needs to hear and I don’t know how to say it so that people will listen 127 words I'd posted about "boomers" the other day and my post got took down. I have something to say. 192 words Is anyone else not able to distinguish hunger pain and twisted gut? 169 words Psych wants to manage symptoms with benzos, i am terrified of becoming dependant 394 words Is anybody else beyond tired of the idea that female-on-male SA is rare? 320 words Nightmares about my dad 203 words DAE experience massive overwhelm from any academic assignment? 247 words Why is it uncomfortable for some trauma survivors to receive help or attention? 223 words What did you wish you knew about CPTSD/your diagnosis and how it related to your life? 174 words It just hit me hard that I will never have the same outlook on life as non-traumatized people. 208 words DAE find it difficult to actually refer to your mom as your abuser? For context, her abuse is primarily neglect, gaslighting, and she does the victim reversal thing whenever you try to be vulnerable or even, God forbid, remotely critical of her. 175 words How do I get over the fact not a single soul that walks this earth cares about me on a deeper level other than "Oh She is just here" 485 words Just Experienced Another Traumatic Event, Looking For Support