137 words [Spoilers] How to fix the Mad queen arc 222 words [SPOILERS] Seasons 1-8 Retrospective Rewatch 176 words [NO SPOILERS] "Love's not always wise, I've learned. It can lead us to great folly, but we follow our hearts wherever they take us." Robb Stark, A Song of Ice and Fire 156 words [No Spoilers] This is the cutest pictureI've ever seen on internet Today. aww. 195 words [SPOILERS] Anyone happy with the ending? I liked it 131 words [NO SPOILERS] All of you haters, I welcome your retort. 197 words [Spoilers] Foreshadowing of a character arc. No one should have missed it. 131 words [Spoilers] Let’s fix season 8’s biggest problems with simple solutions. 158 words [spoilers]Rumor is that HBO is filming an Arya spinoff. Supposed leaked screenshot of production. 156 words [NO SPOILERS] who is actually happy with The last episode? S08e06 292 words [SPOILERS] How would you have ended it? 220 words [SPOILERS] season 2 vs season 8 142 words [Spoilers] Emilia Clarke / Daenerys asked to re-enact her facial expressions when she read the finale's script for the first time 652 words [SPOILERS] Foreshadowing Is Not Character Development. 324 words [NO SPOILERS] Indeed. 376 words [SPOILERS] Jon’s heart break... 249 words [SPOILERS] Have rewatched S8E5 and have come to these conclusions 214 words [NO SPOILERS] Shoutout to Fabian Wagner, the cinematographer behind all those stunning shots 134 words [SPOILERS] "Let it be fear" AKA why "The Bells" was one of the best episodes in the series 121 words [Spoilers] Day-After Discussion – Season 8 Episode 5