The Game Of Thrones cast filming ‘The Long Night’ episode for Season 8. The episode was filmed in 55 night shoots over 11 weeks and during harsh weather at sets in Moneyglass, Saintfield and Belfast, Northern Ireland.

Watching this episode was one of the most memorable moments in my marriage. It was the first time my wife and I took edibles together and we proceeded to watch this episode (she had never taken edibles before).

It was fun watching my wife trip out during this fantastic episode of GOT. We both truly enjoyed that episode and I cannot wait to watch it again. If your bitching because it was too dark then go watch something else, quit complaining. I loved each episode in every season. GOT is the greatest show ever (even the later seasons). It made me pay attention to pop culture more and even buying merchandise from this franchise.

II didn’t watch GOT up until two years ago and completely hooked on the show (all seasons were great imo). I am now rewatching the show more closely and currently on season 4. Skol!!

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