102nd Weekly Stupid Question Thread

How do you determine what end game weapons are 'best' or simply 'better in more situations'? I'm a DS user so I am making a set for every element and most of the sets have 2 or more end game options. I was wondering if I could run my end game choices by you guys and you can tell me if I'm stupid or not. Assume sharpness +1 for everything of course

Dragon element: Shangri-La. I might make one of the other ones due to the difficulty of obtaining this particular one, but it seems to be the best overall

Fire element: Wyvern Conciliation. Again, the agnaktor one seems good but I like the raw of this one better

Ice element: Appallagombs. More raw, more slots and way more white sharpness makes up for the lower elemental damage compared to the Gelid Soul

Water element: Crossenders. This is the first one that I am having trouble with. Both the Holy Guild Knight and the Crossenders have almost the same amount of purple and white sharpness, but the crossenders have a flat DPS boost over the guild knight swords, but the knight swords have a +20% affinity. Knight swords also have 3 charm slots over the cossenders 2, but the cross has a +20 defense boost. Of the two, I would say the crossenders seem to be the better choice.

Thunder: ???? This is the other one I am having trouble with. All 3 seem to be decent contenders. Wunderkirins has the most element, most purple sharpness and 2 gem slots. Suzuka Otakemaru has the most true attack, middling elemental, middling purple sharpness, but a -15% affinity. Neo acrus has the middle true attack, lowest elemental, least amount of purple sharpness and no gem slots. However it does have +20% affinity. I'm really not sure which one to shoot for here.

So, wall of text aside, how am I doing in terms of evaluating the relative 'goodness' of weapons? Any advice on the ice and thunder element weapons? Thanks and may your steaks always be tasty

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