Is anyone else surrounded by people who think of having kids as a negative thing?

We haven't told anyone we're trying because we don't want to have to deal with people trying to talk is out of it, or not being happy for us, when we announce even if they don't agree with our choice they atleast have to pretend to be happy for us at that point.

People suck.

Hubs brother and his partner are living that childfree lifestyle but his partner is essentially like "ew kids". She likes to act like people are really unkind to her for not wanting kids but I don't think anyone actually cares. She's quite unkind to and about parents though. My friend announced a year ago they had started trying, and she essentially just tried to convince her not to, and now that she's pregnant she's dropped her.

I don't know what her goal was but all she did was teach me what to expect from her.

What matters most is your little family circle, and everyone else can get stuffed if they're not going to be happy or supportive to you!

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