[2019-07-11] - /r/keto Beginners & Community Support Thread

  1. Your pee. Hydration may be the issue and that is an easy fix- drink more water. But also vitamins, as in gummies or tablets, almost always effect pee colour. If that is the case, it is not usually a problem because it is just you peeing out the excess vitamins. But, does it bother you that you are spending money on something that is pretty immediately being peed out?

  2. I use my food tracking app to meal plan around my macros. I use myfitnesspal and not premium. Basically, I sit down once a week before grocery shopping, I think about what I want to eat, then I plug the meals into MFP. Once plugged in, I tweak them based on my macros- like need more protein? How can I add it and stay within calories? Carbs too high? What compromise can I make?

I also plan to eat the same thing for lunch M-F and also a different meal but still same thing for supper Sunday- Thursday to simplify planning, shopping and prepping.

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