I (23F) feel like my boyfriend (27M) is putting no effort into our relationship. Is it immature of me to want him to start putting in effort without prompt from me.

Oh just to be clear, when I said take a day off work, I meant in reference to when we take vacations. Not playing hooky and calling in "sick" lol. I usually try to use some of my pto when we do vacations, so we have more time to hang out (and he knows that) but he always ends up working instead and doesn't show up to the vacation spot until really late that night. It's not like he doesn't have pto he can use.

It might be a difference in love languages like you said, but if my love languages are quality time and acts of service, then I have no idea what his would even be. That's more my point. I don't think he's putting in any effort. So much so that I don't even know what his love language is.

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