30+ guys without this

Social status is an ephemeral hierarchy that's created on-the-fly in every group(s) of 2+ and disappears the second that group(s) disperses. You get it by displaying high value behavior and frame control.

If guys were arbitrarily assigned leadership of every group throughout history based on their physical traits, human beings would have ceased to exist by now. That's simply not how it works and we have all of history to prove it. Tyler without game is an incel. In reality, he's the best PUA in the world.

But a lot of you would rather moan and bitch than get good. Natural selection doesn't give a shit.

None of this is suggesting a woman wouldn't pick a 6'2 jacked guy over a 5'5 skinny dude by default. We have data from every dating app to prove that's untrue. But that's not how real life works.

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