What is wrong with the boys in this subreddit..

I came here the other night because I was so depressed but I couldn't find the courage to post anything.

I am a female, and honestly, I miss the feeling of making new friends. I hate that other girls come on here looking for someone to sub to their only fans while other people are so fucking desperate for some sort of "hi" or "how are you" from strangers.

Another girl makes it so hard for me to try because they'll come in and wreck the place, a few months ago I joined an old friend's Xbox party chat and made friends with honestly what I thought was the best friend group for me at the time. I was so desperate for friends I cried my eyes out after I got off because I was so happy, its depressing to think about.

I remember laughing my ass off harder than I have in a while as we stayed up all night playing cod, it's been a few months now and I feel different. I feel like I don't matter to them. So I came here hoping to write a post thinking I could make new friends to game with, but I felt like it was useless.

And honestly to you guys out there how have been given bed reps from other dudes bc they just wanted to take a load off, I'm sorry.
Other chicks have given people like me bad reps too, they just want someone to give them money, and they'll use their bodies for bate.
I can't even join discord servers or other subreddits because of those girls, ill have people calling me names and shit all because they think I'm begging for money when all I want is a damn friend.
I just don't understand why people are so stereotypical, all they do is assume.
It sucks, I just want friends, man. Lol

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