400 pounds of greasy fat. Also, a table filled with McDonalds.

I doubt that your 'pay has gone up' due to anything president dipshit has done, but whatever you gotta make yourself believe man...

As for his policies... which ones are those? Putting kids in cages? Trade wars that have only hurt Americans? Lessened environmental regulations that have already lead to people getting sick?

Good stuff man, he's a real policy genius. And he managed to get SO MUCH passed with a republican senate and house... Wait, what? He didnt' do shit with that power? Just bullshit executive orders and tantrums on twitter?

Now he's blaming the democrats for not getting funding for the wall, even though he had two years to secure it with a fully republican congress?

Wow... mental gymnastics are an olympic sport with you fucking morons, isn't it?

And thanks for throwing in some of those cliche "T_D" phrases man! Lets everyone know that even though you 'dont post there' that you're still a mindless fucking moron!

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