'6,000km for only 20 minutes with the PM.' Clinton Pryor relives his epic walk across Australia

What our ancestors did to their people left very few indigenous Australians anywhere near the position to own and manage assets that capitalise off of their land and culture.

We decimated them, stripped them of their rights and still now we questionably respect their human rights as a nation.

You can't tell me the symbolic act of walking across our entire continent wasn't productive. Look at the attention his cause is getting, he very concisely showed the world how our second class PM treats the indigenous population of our country, and how our government treats them in general.

His journey was both positive and very useful. - When people cycle Australia, walk the globe, swim the channel etc. for charity or for a social cause, is that not deemed positive and useful?

He is representing all of Australia's indigenous people to the highest level of our government to meet and discuss the issues at hand. There's no hand out, there's a man trying to meet another man face to face to talk the core of the issues. What better person is there to meet for indigenous fairs than his man?

Your comment is racist, you are stereotyping their entire people.

The only person moaning here, or more accurately whinging - is you.

I guess it's an attitude and culture problem.

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