Adults of reddit who were depressed kids or teens, what is it like to be here when you didn't expect to make it this far? What would you tell your younger self if you could?

I wouldn't tell myself much really, I think I was a bit too far down the rabbit hole to be pulling myself up by my bootstraps (apologies for mixed metaphors). I would have a few pointers for my family. They tried to help (and that's all you can ask/hope of people) but it was a bit misguided at times.

For example when I told them I wanted to be left alone I was... For weeks. I would come out of my room to use the toilet and gorge during the middle of the night. I felt so worthless I thought I just brought others down by talking to them or seeing them that I just decided they were better off without me around.

When I had improved slightly a relative pressured me to do a voluntary job (one that I would have loved if I was in the right frame of mind). The problem was at that point it was a huge effort to even leave the house, a day I managed to have myself clean and fed was better than most. She wouldn't take no for an answer and I kept trying to make excuses because I didn't want to admit something that should be a great opportunity was 100% beyond what I could manage.

What finally pulled me out of it was meeting a girl who loved me and made me see the good qualities I have. She did push me in the right direction to move on in life but gently and with support, not pressure or guilt. I know you shouldn't depend on others for your self esteem but when you have none it's like turning on a light when someone thinks you're great.

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