Advice for a first time nanny, working with a OCD wfhm.

Hi there! The issue with using OCD as an adjective is that it contributes to myth and misunderstanding of what OCD actually is. That’s the issue that I have with it, as in the title it’s used to describe an “OCD wfhm”. I think it sounds like the MB could have anxiety, but I don’t think that we can make an assumption that they have OCD and it is still unclear to me whether OP has actually received confirmation from MB that she has OCD—and that MB is not someone who is just describing themselves as “being ocd”. She very well could have it and have told OP that she does, but I don’t feel clear on that from the response that was provided to my comments.

There’s an important difference there and that’s why I chose to comment on that part in particular. I don’t think OP was meaning to be harmful in any way, but OCD is highly misunderstood, and so it’s important to me to bring up these kinds of things when/if I see them. I don’t think OP was being rude or dismissive, and I don’t think people who use OCD as a descriptor when it may or may not be accurate to that person are either. Unfortunately OCD is just very misunderstood.

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