Advice For Unwoke Academic?

Is it supposed to be bad lmao?

Yes? Welcome to the internet, I guess.

It is just very simple to show stupidity and inconsistency of people with nazi examples.

Of course it is. It's very simple. Braindead simple. How did you put it? "low effort", "bad faith", "inane remarks".

You disagree with wokies,

Ooh, another rule of thumb for "Are you dealing with a totem" pile! You have a condescending name you call your enemies. "Wokies", "fundies", "libtards", etc. It makes it easier to dehumanize them that way.

but you think that they are convenient allies for your imaginary never-happening proletarian revolution so you instinctively support them.

You keep guessing and you keep missing.

Who is pitiable lmao.

You are! I said as much, in the last post.

Can you read, friend?

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