After a life of on and off abuse, multiple abandonments, and tons of therapy, I cut my Mom off. This was her last message.

My dad used to be kind of similar. I would get countless messages and emails similar to this. I would have to stay with him for a week every other week growing up and it was even worse in person. He demanded of me that I be a smiley, obedient robot and even when I was, he would flip out and scream these insane ramblings into my face, sometimes over some microscopic tone in my voice or if he didn't like my facial expression.

I cut him off about a year ago, when he tried to strangle me and I punched him in the gut hard enough that he curled up. Even then I was trying to give him another chance but he was adamant that "I attacked him for no reason" and that I was an evil demonic parent abuser, poisoned by my mom of course. I stopped trying to contact him, and later on when he tried to contact me, I didn't answer. I didn't talk to him for over a year, until recently, when I saw him by chance in public, and we had a nice talk and he changed. He bought me a laptop and paid for my gym membership for a year. I see him once a week and I generally have a nice time, I think he still has severe problems but at least they're not directed to me.

However, at my other home with my mom, my 35 year old brother lived with us. He was similar with the demon ramblings only he thought that he was possessed, which justified all the violence and murder attempts he did on me and my mom. Around the same time I cut off my dad, I also choked him out when threatened to hurt my mom and then I called the police because he kept coming at me after he regained his senses. It got him kicked out.One year later and to this day I don't talk to him, he wants me to act like nothing happen, my mom lets him visit every day which I don't like. He's on the verge of homelessness and doesn't have anything to eat so my mom lets him come here unannounced. He was aggressive a couple of times but goes away when my mom threatens with the police. I hate that she still puts up with this, I don't like him being in the house because you never know when he's gonna cross the line again. But I avoid him, and he still bitches about how I'm evil (not to my face).

The point is I guess, that some people change after this, and some people don't. If you think that your mom loves you deep down, then I hope this forces her to change like it did my dad.

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