A month ago my father physically assaulted me (26) after moving back home. This is how my mother continuously texts me. Story in comments.

Lol, the closest my mom would ever get to an apology when I wouldn’t let her move past the abuse she constantly lashed out on me as a child was that her mom did so much worse and she didn’t know what she was doing.

  1. Her first child was 8 years older than me

  2. So what. It’s just weird af looking back on memories of my aunts laughing with my mom about them all being packed up and moved from the US to a South American country that ended up with them hiding in a darkened house as rebels went door to door looking for any Americans to kill. All because my mom was caught selling aspirin as pills but the details would shift slightly depending on who told it over the years.

I can see the generational trauma when they talked about their grandmother but holy shit, it’s cult like how their mother is some frail mother Teresa instead of this just evil fucking woman that learned how to keep her mouth shut now that she has to depend on her children for help…

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