After seeing how busy everything was this weekend.

I didn't say I don't wear one at all. I have in places that were tight and crowded. When I have had to stop and have a conversation with someone outside my bubble, I've worn a mask.

This is just an example of where physical distancing can be achieved in a store and wearing one isn't necessary if you aren't sneezing, coughing or talking at all.

The best defense to slow the spread is hand washing and physical distancing. All the recommendations for mask wearing are with regards to being able to physical distant from people, inside and outside. No where does anything say that in all indoor spaces a mask must be worn at all times.

Everyone's thoughts on when a mask should be worn is going to be different from the next person. You may look at a scenario and think that people should be wearing them, but another person may look at the same scenario and have a different opinion. Just be okay with the fact that not everyone thinks or sees the same thing as you.

I am not bothered by what other people do. We can all live our lives how we choose.

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