AITA for donating my dead autistic brothers brain to science when my mother requested that I cremate?

Man, i know how she feels, maybe not the EXACT horror of her life, but i still burn my head with noises, i still get insane when people slightly touch my arm, i still struggle through basic communication with normal and random people, but this is basicly the only thing that makes me interesting, the only thing that makes me a proud person if myself, people on the spectrum are some of the most positive, and some of the most proud people maybe even some of the most strong fighting people. The more severe the autism is, the stronger that surviver is.

But, i’m not saying severe autism is good, but, we’re proud of our autism, what would we be without autism? Like, i wish the severe kids finally get a normal life after being cured, but autism is what makes what we are right now, seriously what are we withour our autism? Just regular ass people, maybe we’ll even loose the skill that makes us cool.

Is that all really worth giving up...just to be able to communicate propperly...?

But i get why you want severe kids to be cured tho, they need an actual normal life, they’re just purely suffering

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