AITA for going being upset my wife's boss called her an angel

I had an ex gf who was controlling and obsessive because she had been cheated on in the past. She made life miserable and I felt like I was always walking on eggshells. She would try and isolate me from friends and was so insecure because I had a straight male best friend that I had known longer than her.

It got so bad she ended up going to my apartment while I was at work and lurking in my room. She lied to my sister about me saying it was ok for her to come over. She prevented me from leaving the car in arguments. There was one time where she chased me up my apartment stairs and blocked me from getting in. I would see her in my work’s parking lot just watching me.

I understand being cheated on is a painful experience but no one ever talks about the significant others who have to deal with victims of cheating that don’t process it and go to therapy or anything. They just dwell in their own pain and cause the same pain they received.

Also regarding the male best friend, him and I are dating now and he’s my first actual healthy relationship and I’m glad i didn’t abandon him for her.

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