AITA for spending money on my unborn child when my SO's first child didn't and doesn't have the same lifestyle level?

I couldn’t agree more. OP needs to make sure she keeps one step back from everything. Because it seems like everything she knows is filtered through her partner who may very well have cheated on her. If she’s lucky, everything is just as he has said, but if it’s not then she is being deliberately set up to ignore countless red flags:

1: tampered condom. Sure this might have happened, but the only evidence OP has is that her partner has claimed the baby mama once said this in a rant. But on the other hand... why didn’t the partner notice that whenever he had sex with his FWB the condom seemed to break/ leak etc?

2) partner claims baby mama will only let him see child in her house or if they go out together (including forced hand holding at the park). Nuts if true. If untrue then partner is able to explain any photos/ reports from friends etc of him holding hands with women who are not his partner.

3) everything about baby mama is portrayed as over the top wacko. Sure these people exist. But it’s not uncommon for cheaters/ abusers etc to portray exes as insane- because it means that the current partner will ignore any claims of cheating etc.

None of this means OPs partner is a cheater. But OP needs to keep her eyes open and be aware of any other potential flags.

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