AITA for telling my ex his sister isn't allowed at my place, and enforcing that rule?

I didn’t see your response, so hope you’re still checking your throwaway. So… the reason I said what I did (quite harshly) is because I’ve been you, with a trade-off in that I wasn’t pregnant, BUT the person was just a friend (not a love interest or ex) - my only friend. While I clung to any shred of hope offered by a person who really needed me to stick around (because I’d made certain he did), but had grown the loathe me for it, I really could’ve used the harsh backhand of truth that may have knocked enough sense into me to have spared me at least a few weeks of the agony I willingly put myself through. I couldn’t see a future without him (as a friend - he’s gay) in my life and yet, 12 years later, I am practically on another continent in terms of life and happiness. You deserve to be cherished by someone who is well aware how lucky he is to get to be with you & who appreciates everything you do for him. I mean it.

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