Aita for wearing a hoodie

You’re the one who is approving of sexy clothing on teen girls but I’m the creepy one? That’s rich coming from a female.

I didn’t know that instilling values and counting on a female being intelligent makes me creepy instead of encouraging teens to wear revealing clothing.

I’m brought up with strong values and we value integrity & intelligence. Not once should a female command attention merely based on her looks.

Perhaps you’re fine with females depending on their figures or looks to lead their lives but that’s not how it works in my circle. I repeat, a girl needs to have intelligence first. It will serve her well throughout her life. I cannot believe someone would negate that.

That said, I shall stop responding after this because we clearly have different lifestyles and this is a pointless argument. Good day to you while I transform yet another delinquent’s life and count it a blessing to be able to make an impact on that lil life.

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