AITA: I refused to sing Happy Birthday to my supervisor.

NTA but most office jobs are like this and it’s going to be hard to find a job that doesn’t expect you to do this sort of thing. One small office I worked at was a total hostile work environment where the boss literally threw chairs at employees. Eventually the place went under bc of a sexual harassment suit and many other suits. Anyways the boss rarely ever showed up to the office or communicated with employees. On his bday HR literally rolled out the red carpet for him. It was a complete nuisance and took up half the office. He ran around telling everyone it was his bday. So obnoxious to put on such a show for someone who harasses and underpays his employees.

Next place I worked at was a nice environment but they expected each of us to chip in $10 for every persons bday. This could add up to $50/month.

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