All of Germany's Muslim MPs voted in favour of same-sex marriage

Because 6 educated individuals means we ignore the opinions of many muslims regarding freedom of religion, freedom of speech, their hatred of homosexuality, that support terrorism, that leaving Islam warrants death, etc, etc, etc.

Look at opinions on these issues from every single Islamic country, and even the muslims living in the EU, the numbers are scary, while within the EU, the people with these scary beliefs don't make up the majority, they make up enough numbers to shine a light on the religion as a whole and not just be dismissed as a fringe element.

Every muslim should be given a chance ofcourse (Like everyone else), there are many enlightened muslims who very much have western values, and pre-judging them based on their religion is silly, but we can't ignore a pretty glaring problem with the religion itself, and we can't condemn people who criticise islam for their pretty extreme beliefs, nor can we prop up a few individuals among them and say "Look, they don't think homosexuals should be killed, they even think they should be able to marry, therefore there's no underlying problem"

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