We all like to rag on bad job postings. I'd like to post one that should serve as an example for employers to follow of a more ACCEPTABLE listing.

We routinely had to go to a check cashing place to get our paychecks cashed, but they would come back saying insufficient funds.

Couldnt take it anywhere else, become nobody would cash them.

This right here brings back some bad memories. I once worked for a security guard company back in 2011, I was out of work and the only job I could get was working security. This company was one of the worst in the Fresno Ca.

So when it came to payday these assholes would close down the office, not answer calls, and generally be unavailable. If they called back it always from blocked/private numbers.

Only one bank in the city would accept their checks, none of the payday loan/check cashing places were taking thier checks, and it was a paper check bc they didn't offer direct deposit.

When the checks actually came in (which were always late) there was no guarantee of them bouncing. I still remember the very words from the owner and his wife.

"You have between 10 am and 12 pm to cash the check at our bank, the sooner the better otherwise there won't be money in the account and the check won't be cashed." They basically pitted workers against each other trying to get their damn paychecks.

How this company lasted a year after I quit that very day I'll never know they were scumbags to say the least.

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