DAE feel overwhelmingly devastated/abandoned after a psych appointment ends?

I'm not a psych professional, but I'm having a hard time understanding how a short appointment like half an hour for trauma work could yield results any different than what you're describing. I think there's supposed to be a window of time for you to enter the space of being there and then to do depth work and then to close enough to not exit the therapeutic setting out of sorts. It's difficult enough in an hour or 45 min., but your psychiatrist is allotting at maybe ten minutes to each?

I'm also surprised by the division of labor across your treatment providers. It's not unheard of for psychiatry appointments to be much shorter when it's for medication maintenance/check-ins, but it's atypical for a psychiatrist to do trauma work. You're spending less time with the one taking you through more intensity. It sounds like not only are you not getting session closure, but you're also left with uncertainty in the absence of feedback. Maybe seek out an entirely different provider for the trauma work if she can't give you a better structured session and more rapport.

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