Semi-fairing naked bikes would be the ideal bike for the current market and we need more brands to join the trend

All I want is an engine that makes 100+ hps, has good torque, and has a quick shifter and cruise control

Tuono 660 (minus torque)

Tuono V4

Z H2

Hawk 11?

Or get a sport touring bike. (E.g. R1250RS, Super Duke GT, GSX-S1000GT, H2 SX, Ninja 1000SX, V100 Mandello, etc.) They're coming back in a big way, in my opinion.

Or get a crossover/tall-rounder/SUV-bike. (E.g Versys, Tracer, Multistrada, S1000XR, F900XR, Tiger GT, Super Adventure S, etc.)

The Speed Triple RR has clip-ons and sports bike riding position

just bought a Yamaha XSR900 and though I really love that bike, I would prefer the same bike but with some fairings.

So you literally just want a Tracer 9?

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