Am I (33F) wrong for wanting my bf (32M) to pay more rent after moving his son in with us?

Never said couples don't split rent 50/50. What you don't see is the lower earner expected to pay 75% of the rent all because they have a child living there. That's so insanely stupid and what's even more stupid is the amount of commenters here saying he should be paying it. What's she's asking for is him pay 75% of the rent, a majority of the utilities, and she just does what exactly? She does not view this as a partnership it's all about freaking money and what she feels she should pay. They have a 2 year lease and his son moved in full time after the fact. What good does wanting a bigger place matter now? Going off her other posts in other subs she clearly has an issue with her own life and not happy with the relationship. This child moving in is just an excuse to take her anger out on somebody. They are together for the sole reason it's cheaper for her to live because it's half the rent. Now that his son lives there it's just another excuse to get even more of a discount on bills.

At this point if he's expected to take on the lionshare of the rent and utilities he really doesn't need her to be there. Seems like a simple solution to me since she doesn't like his child living there because it messes with her private space. Live and learn, maybe next time she won't date men with kids.

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