I am an international student who wants to study nursing in Canada. What is the job market for male nurses?

I know a few male nurses, so its possible. A few things to be aware of: to be accepted as an international student you need a certain amount of money in your bank equivalent to what is needed in Canadian dollars, your Canadian tuition will be much higher (in a similar thread someone cited $47k~ CAD, and someone correct me if im wrong, but these can't be loans or temporary dollars - you need to pay your tuition in full and have X amount of money left over to live backed my multiple bank statements) and our government does not provide international students loans or aide. So if the Canadian dollar is more than yours, you are going to need a lot more money.

At least in the provinces I live in, nursing programs are very competitive and you typically need between a GPA of 3.75-4.0+ to be considered, so ensure your education is on par with the expectations of a Canadian Uni. Many degrees require a practicum or co-op, especially in nursing, in my program these jobs were limited to PRs and citizens, so you may need a certain kind of student visa to be able to even do your degree.

After you finish your schooling you may be granted a limited amount of time to stay after to get a job in your field, if you do not or do not meet the qualifications to stay in Canada, you will have to go home. Depending on your home country, you will go home having spent all your money and may have a degree that is not applicable to the standards there. You are not guaranteed a job and when you are not a PR or citizen, it has to be proven to the government under FMIA that you are a better candidate than a Canadian (again if Im wrong someone please correct me). Good luck man!

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