I am being harassed online by a mechanic I left a bad review for who keeps revealing personal details about me and my car in his responses. I asked him to stop and he is refusing, can I hire an attorney to get him to remove the personally identifiable information?

Well I don’t normally leave reviews, and usually only do if the place was really good, but I felt like they were acting predatory in their business practices and didn’t want someone else coming here because of positive reviews that were left five years ago when there is no recent commentary on the quality of service. Even on old reviews they commented on, many of which the OP of the review had a more hostile tone, they didn’t act this crazy or unprofessional. For that reason, I do feel threatened and like I’m being harassed. Especially since they’re threatening to keep watch and report me and my mechanic to the state if I do end up passing which seems so hateful.

I said I didn’t want to end up feeling bullied into removing a legitimate review but I ended up deleting it after screenshotting the encounter.

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