Am I the only on whose life hasn't really changed due to quarantine?

Pretty much.

I'm a remote engineer. I usually spend half the year traveling the world, and the other half saving money and being a hermit so I can travel more.

The only shitty thing was I had just started my trip in January, and it was gonna go until August. I was in Spain and France in Jan. Then I was docking around Italy in Feb. Shit hit the fan in Italy and I decided to go the fuck home.

My original plan was to do Germany, Greece, Croatia, and Istanbul, then make my way for my Asia leg of the trip.

Buuuuut, had to cancel all that.

But when I'm home, all I do is really just stay home, work remotely, cook to save money, and generally, I don't leave the house for 2-3 weeks at a time. And I was gonna do exactly that starting in September.

So I basically just moved my timeline up. But I have a shitload of travel money saved now, so my next trip might go on for 1-2 years straight instead.

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