Am I the only one who wishes that Trump fanatic Christians would focus more on serving God instead of spewing their hatred on Joe Biden?

You guys are all wrong. Biden and the democrats are far past atheist like behavior. To think that the democrats care for Christians is like believing Christians and ISIS can live and co exist peacefully. But the reality is they end up beheading you. If you get in the way of my Christian beliefs with your lgbtq, pedophilia filled, antifa, agenda. You will get all of my resistance, call it "hating" Biden or whoever all you want. When Biden supporters inflict violence and the devil itself on you and your fellow Christians. Its youre duty to denouce and push back. If you didnt, the problem would be underplayed and not taken seriously as it is already. Alot of you "Christians" in this comment sub condone not resisting the devils agenda, not calling out evil. We dont believe he's evil, he IS evil. Look at his actions. If I were to stand idle and not say anything to prevent looking or sounding like "Im hating" him, then how can I call myself a Christian. Its our duty to be brave and resist the devil, to be the shining light that blinds and makes evil shy away. We are not violent. We are not hating, but we will make it known. Whether you want to call it hating or whatever, its every Christians duty to atleast denouce, and spead the word of the man and his followers actions. Grow up.

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